Ve Fletcher

I grew up in Highgate, North London and my love of art in high-school had to be left at the school gates to pursue a more financially viable career. Although creativity would always glean through from time to time.  in 1985 I embarked on creating a cottage industry of plaster wall plaques, with some local success. In 1989 I studied Botany and Floristry and then opened my own Florist shop, in Bounds Green, North London in 1990. 

I then trained as a therapist for children and families in North London and 15 years of this taught me the emotional weight of art and colour. When talking is too difficult, art has proved a winning tool to enable expression for a difficult narrative.

Wowed by a landscape, vista or a building, I guess its the initial 5 second punch that I am trying to capture and represent through abstraction and ...   Colour!  bright, vibrant, the mystery of subtlety and muted tones.

Mood (my mood) can be altered and influenced by colour, and inspiration comes from everything and anything, a discarded rusty ladder, sunset, a window.....what ends up painted on my canvas is a combination of all of the above peppered with endless decisions.

I tend to use a selected colour pallet for each new series of paintings, I use layers of paint mediums, such as acrylics, encaustic, pastels and charcoal, rubbing and chipping until the right colour/texture reveals itself.

E.   M. 07932 385319