The images above are original art works by Anna Marie Buss, Vanessa Fletcher, Suzy Phillips, Elsie May, David Gibson and Rebecca Alice.

Currently showing at RVP are artists: Vanessa Fletcher, Suzy Phillips, Rebecca Alice, Nic Ramsden, Pauline Alexander, Jane Swannell, Maria Turner, Agatha O'Neill, and Di Drummond as well as Jeweller Michelle Carpenter, Photographer Adam Charley Barnes, Glass Maker Charlie Vieja-Garrett and Ceramicists Jemma Wyllie and Colleen Davies.

Creatives@RVP have been working with the management team at Royal Victoria Place to provide art works to be displayed in the main body of the shopping centre on the large white walls (The White Wall Project) and to create a collaborative art gallery in Ely Court. Here a range of affordable art work is for sell including: paintings, photographs, jewellery and ceramics as well as a good range of art cards. More recently several of the Artists have taken part in The Herd of The Weald project where their beautifully decorated horses were auctioned off to raise money for the Hospice in the Weald.

If you are interested in exhibiting in the gallery, please send 3 examples of your work along with your CV or Artist Statement to:

The gallery is open seven days a week at the same times as the shopping centre. A maximum of fourteen artists exhibit at any one time and are jointly responsible for operating and staffing the gallery.  This  means being able to steward for the equivalent of 1 day per week for a 6 week period. Some of the Artists who have exhibited at Creatives@RVP in Ely Court are featured on our home page.

Our Templates:

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