Fiona Stanbury

My work has always focused on evolving my personal response to my environment through the life-force of colour and brush strokes, exploring these to translate my landscape experience and feelings. A recent trip to China, and the resultant series of ink paintings on rice paper, has been pivotal to my current concerns with paint as a doorway into an unknown and exciting world full of creative potential.  Paint and brush strokes constantly widen my ideas and suggest new ways to suggest space, nature and the inner life of paint itself. I delight in the abstract qualities of thick and thin colour and calligraphic brush strokes. I want the act of painting to surprise me, for it to be a journey, and for the finished painting to take me somewhere new.

I lived in Cyprus for 14 years, which changed how I look at colour, and I lived in Africa as a child which also left many rich images in my memories.

I have exhibited in London (annually at the 'Not The Royal Academy' exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander gallery), across the UK, in Cyprus, Latvia, Belarus, Greece and China (The National Art Museum of China, Beijing). This summer I have been invited to do a month's painting residency in China, to explore ink on rice paper further and to experiment with layering calligraphic brush strokes with an expressive response to colour.