Mike Flight

Mike Flight started drawing at the age of two and spent his childhood being told often that he should be an artist. Four years at Camberwell School of Art in the late 1960s developed those skills under the exacting teaching of Euan Uglow , amongst others, confirmed Mike's belief in the importance of life drawing. Mike went on to Aston Polytechnic to specialise in animation for a further year. At nearly 24, with two degrees, Mike started at Halas and Batchelor,  the largest and most influential animation studio in Western Europe for over 50 years.. Mike climbed the ladder from messenger riding a pushbike around London to becoming assistant camera co-ordinator, assistant animator, animator, and animation director working on scientific and medical films as well as character animation. 

The 1980s saw Mike move to TV creating title sequences and content graphics. This was a heady time in the TV world  as computers were making a huge impact and budgets grew with the rising interest in graphic presentation. Mike designed and operated the Channel 4 Weather Forecast, using a Quantel Paintbox; receiving information from the Met Office late afternoon for transmission early evening.

Lecturing in Art and Design beckoned in the 1990s and saw Mike teach graphics, life drawing, video production  and organising 'live' projects.

Now retired Mike is even more active in Life Drawing and Painting, and using Stencil and spray paints to create Street Art, attending various festivals, including Bristol UpFest.