Elaine Gill

Eliane is a self-taught Artist and Illustrator, living in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and from the earliest age has always loved drawing, painting and generally just creating.

Elaine's favourite style is pen and watercolour, although she is always looking at, and trying different ways to do either an illustration or a piece of artwork.
Elaine really loves drawing buildings, especially those that have a story behind them. This usually entails her going out to research them or the people/families linked to them.
This work  inspired her to bring art and friendships together: ‘Your story Illustrated’ is a very special style of her work, illustrating important, memorable and special places to create a treasured, unique and original commissioned piece of personalised art.

Elaine's work can be seen at the Ely Court gallery, details at @RVP.

Further details at her website.