We have alternate morning and evening monthly meetings. Anyone is welcome to attend. They are generally on the third week of each month. The morning meetings are held at Woods Restaurant on the Pantiles on a Thursday starting at 10am - 12 noon. The evening meetings are usually held at Vittle & Swig on the Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells and start at 7pm - 9pm. 

At Woods, participants order and purchase their own tea/coffee as you walk in and join the long table. At Vittle & Swig drinks are purchased at the bar downstairs and the meeting is in the top room. General chat and catch up for 15 minutes or so is followed by the formal part of the meeting, led by different members each time. The meeting covers: introductions of new members, sharing news and ideas, discussing any exhibitions coming up, the gallery at RVP, planned markets and other events. Come and be inspired and meet a lovely creative group of proactive people.

The date for the next meeting is:

WEDNESDAY EVENING 18th OCTOBER 2017   |   7pm - 9pm. Venue is Vittle & Swig 26-28 Camden Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2PT
Please order and pay for a drink when you walk in at the downstairs bar and we hold the meeting in the room upstairs. 

September meeting notes:

It was lovely to meet Cecily and Amy Wong who are opening a new gallery on Camden Road. which will serve tea and sell Cecily’s Jewellery. They would be interested to hear from Creatives Artists regarding possible showing of new work. The gallery has just opened this week.

James Chinnery gave a great presentation for an opportunity to produce large work for the Leonard Cheshire Home on Pembury Road. 4ft by 4ft paintings or murals. He has put the brief on our Facebook pages so please take a look for more information. Sounds like a wonderful project where we can give back to the community for a worthwhile cause, and have fun and get creative at the same time.

Rachael from Friends of Dunloran Park raised the idea of a possible Xmas market underneath the café – would take 5 stands with storage. Next year there will be places in the café to sell art and cards – currently booked up. Also they are looking for Sculpture work for The Temple area on a rotation basis. May do installations on the Island too. Would like to do more plein air painting there too and opening drinks events in the café. They would like to join in on our art trail next year - see below:

Suzy introduced the idea of replacing SEOS with an Art trail this summer in Tunbridge Wells. She had discussed this with a number of the group, and it was felt it would be better to have a smaller number of places displaying work with more artists in each in a location near to each other, so people could either walk or cycle round. She had a few venues already in mind including the Imago book and vinyl shop in Calverley Road, where they are already showing art. She has also linked up with ‘Tunbridge Wells Together’ who are interested in putting on a sculpture Trail around the town at the same time. They could help with marketing the event. Suzy will be holding a meeting for any interested artists on Thursday 9th Nov. from 7pm in Vittle & Swig, Camden Road.

Mike Flight mentioned the idea of renting the Barracks on St. Johns Road. for an art exhibition and will look into this further. He also informed the group that the Café in Adult Ed on Monson Rd. would be providing drinks for Creatives at £1.50 and special prices for meal – details are in the Ely Court gallery.

Vanessa Fletcher informed the group that she has secured all the necessary artist for the Nov. exhibition at Trinity, although was still awaiting confirmation of their promised changes following problems in August.

Current Exhibition at Woods - Images of Food.

Current Exhibition at Woods - Images of Food.